I ♥ Techno
Wim {The poster was later posted on FFFFound. A site for inspiration to many, a few seconds of personal glory for myself. }
Illustration, lay-out & visual styling «
{Poster, illustration and lay-out for the I Love Techno fastival (Europe’s largest techno festival with an arrendance of 35.000). From CD to flyer, t-shirt over condoms... You name it, I Love Techno had it.].}
Note {Made when working at Absoluut Ad Agency.}
Circle - Reunion Show Poster
Wim {Heard you're doing a reunion show.}
Client [Yes, and we need to anounce it in a stylish way. Are you up for it?]
Wim {Always. }
Poster design «
{Since Mike Patton and Faith No More decided band reunions were the PC thing to do, Circle, one of Belgium's most influential HC units decided to give it a go as well. As an homage to our first collaboration (now, one of the most sought-after HC shirts in Belgium), this too had to be about microphones and lightning bolts. }
Eva Cools
Wim {Few weeks after the website was released several new music videos were commisioned and fundings for the first full length movie were granted. Ofcourse, none of this had anything to do with the site. }
Design & programming «
{Webdesign & coding for Belgian director Eva Cools. Not only a friend, but also a very talented film maker, she needed a personal place to showcase her work online. We decided to strip it down to the basics: showing the movies, shorts and videoclips and leaving out all the blabla.}
Lannoo - Textbooks
Wim {Layouting chunks of text is often a disrespected part of the graphic business. But it is actually the Mr. Miyagi of graphic design. Making sure there are no splits between pages, trying to keep related content on the same page,... is to graphic design what 'Wax on, wax off' is to the Karate Kid. }
Book lay outs «
{Lannoo is one of Belgium's best known publishers of non-fiction books. They asked us to handle some of their textbook lay-outs. }
Basisonderwijs gent - provincie oost-vlaanderen
Primary Schools Gent - Guide
Wim {These days it's hard to get your kids in the school of your own preference in mayor cities. In order to prefend parents from camping out in front of the schools 2 weeks prior to the registrations open, a brief and clear guide had to explain how to enregister your kid. }
Wim {The guide did exactly what it had to do. Nobody at the supervising offices got a telephone call asking about extra information about the procedures. And yes, the telephone number was printed correctly. }
Folder lay out «
{Guide to get your youngster subscribed in the right school for the city of Ghent;, Belgium. }
Zender - Sunday Kids
Wim {We build this CD around the typography from the previous CD - Acid Avenue. To get the contrast with the calm inside of the cd, with commisioned Barbara Vandekonijnen to do some all over illustrations for the cover and backcover. }
Wim {As with the previous CD we again did a folded A3 for the CD booklet. As it first led to great panic with the Acid Avenue CD, the record company got used to it by now, and even became a fan of doing booklets this way. }
CD sleeve design «
{The CD ‘Sunday Kids’ for the Belgian band ‘Zender’. Stills from the digipak and the A3-poster/booklet. }
VLD - 8 Jaar Verhofstadt
8JV: Election Campaign
Wim {Instead of choosing for the traditional campaign posters, then Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt decided to publish a book revealing the works done in the past 8 years as head of state, The book was available for free in book stores, weeks before the election. The more than 100.000 copies were gone in 2 days. }
Book - Styling & lay-out «
{Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt’s 2007 election campaign book. Didn’t got him re-elected though, but the new guy is making a mess, so who knows...].}
Note {Made when working at Absoluut Ad Agency.}
VLD - Verkiezingen '07
VLD Election Poster '07
Wim {The poster got noticed because of it's very unusual aproach to elections, even getting a positive review in 'De Standaard', one of Belgium's leading quality newspapers. }
Illustration & typography «
{Poster for the '07 elections. Open VLD wanted a poster that had a rock 'n roll/festival feel, getting away from the typical faceshot campaign poster.}
Note {Made when working at Absoluut Ad Agency.}
TVL Porsche
TVL - Porsche Belcar
Client [We had this tuning dude have a go at our car and now it looks too... tuned.]
Wim {No problem... I'm sure something inspired by the early '80s BMW M1 Procar series can give it a real nice retro sports look.}
Client [Eeuuuhh...]
Wim {Don't worry, I'll get you a sketch after the week-end.}
Design for the TVL Belcar «
{TV Limburg is a Belgian television channel and sponsor of a GT racing team. Not everyday you get a chance at putting stickers on a Porsche without seeing police.}
Zender - Acid Avenue
Wim {I wanted to make a strong contrast between the outside and inside of the digipak cd. So the outside is calm, not too much illustration and clean typography. The inside of the digipak illustrates the dreamy world what goes on in the Zender's head.}
Wim {In order to get contrast of the digipak in the booklet as well, I chose to do a folded A3 sheet instead of an 8 page booklet. A change from the obvious which led to great panic at the record label. }
CD sleeve design «
{The CD ‘Acid Avenue’ for the Belgian band ‘Zender’. Stills from the digipak and the A3-poster/booklet. I also programmed them a webpage: www.zendermusic.be. }
Homegrown - Festival Poster
Client [We're going to do a festival with all the bands from Ninove and we're going to call it Homegrown!!]
Wim {Were you smoking when you came up with that idea? }
Poster & logo design «
{Besides being one of the most rural places to grow up, the city of Ninove is also the hometown of several great bands. To give back to the people of Ninove after many years of support, the bands teamed up for a one night special event; the Homegrown festival. Being a native of Ninove myself and having worked with many of the bands before, I joined the team taking care of the posters, flyers and tickets. }
Tonology - Zoo Animal EP
Tonology - Zoo Animal
Client [Is our CD ready yet?]
Wim {Nope.}
Client [Is our CD ready yet?]
Wim {Nope. }
Client [Is our CD ready yet?]
Wim {Nope.}
Client [Is our CD ready yet?]
Wim {Maybe. }
Client [Really?]
Wim {Nope.}
EP sleeve design «
{Photoshoped the shit out of this one to get a dreamlike setting for the cover. And have it contrast with a real calm typography driven backside to give it an LP feel. }
Bollywood Mania
Bollywood Mania - Illustration  
Wim {Something from a Jurassic period (2003) and thus a rarity by default, but... still very likeable. }
       {I remembered being in the pub late, knowing I had to put the finishing touches on this one by the next day. Had to pull an all-nighter eventually, but it turned out to be worth the time spent on it. }
Illustration & poster «
{Poster illustration for the alternative film festival ‘Open Doek’ (dutch for Open Screen). The briefing was ‘gold, flowers and kitch’. I think I kinda got that one right. }